Depression? Homeopathy – the natural cure

Depression? Homeopathy can help

Homeopathy - cures depression naturally

In a state of depression we do not have any desires. Nothing exites us. We do not feel "alive". Our smile is not real. We are not interssted in our friends. We do not pay attention to the sunset, to the first rain to changes in nature 

Depression can last, in various levels days, weeks or months

When depression is deep sometimes we do not funcion, we do not go to work, we do not take care of ourselves and our families

When in depression we have negative feelings about ouselves and others. We critisize ourselves, the inability to function, but we can do nothing about it

In depression there are also physical difficalties or pain or too much sleep, inability to sleep

Depression cure

Homeopathy can help to take you out of depression without chemicals, if the homeopatic remedy will be picked according to you personality and subjective feeling during depression and in other situation

For example, the homeopatic remedy Ignatia will help when the depression was caused after grief, a death of a loved person or an end of a relationship. When we give the right remedy, the improvement is long term

Psychiatric medication can ease the depression fo the day, and you have to keep taking them for a long period, sometimes for life. Homeopathy triggers inside you the internal cure and links you gradually to life and happiness. Homeopathy wakes the internal body cure

The homeopath will not ask you to stop psychiatric drugs – if you take them. Never stop medication without consulting your doctor. When you feel better your doctor will change you medications.

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.Two examples of homeopatic remedies for depression

homeopatic remedy


An introverted person. Tries not to cry near people. Depression can be related to a disappointment or betrayel that he experianced and never healed from. He cannot forgive. He cuts the relasionship with the betrayal person completely.


A very sensitive person. Especially sensitive if someone despies him or do not give him the basic honor. This can lead to depression. He tried to control feelings but the feeling are too much for him so at times he can burst with anger near his best friends of family, but never outside the house.

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