Fear – cure with homeopathy

?Does fear hold you back

Homeopathy can help

Some of us experianced an difficult situation, and we have fear since. For example if a dog run after us, or we felt it is going to bite us, a few years ago, we could have fear of dogs since

Fear is a feeling we are born with. We need it to pay attention to "dangers" in the world. We are part of nature, part of the living creatures, and we must pay attention to things that can be dangerous for us. But sometimes, the fear, istead of guiding us, it becomes too big and controls our minds. It that cases its better to see what went wrong and get help

?What are tipical fears of human beings

Children can be scared of the dark. Its really scary in a certain age, but if we are 40 and this fear of dark stops us, it may be the time for help

A lot of people are scared to be alone. Children can not take care of themselves, so its logical that they need someone near them, but, if a thirty years old  cannot be alone, or if he feel fear when alone, that might cause him to cling to others and disturb his independence. this fear can make him choose the wrong company just not to be alone

The two most common fears in adults are the fear to talk in front of audience and the fear of death

Constant fear can lead to stress, which is not healthy for us

Homeopathy for Fear

happy after homeopathy for her fear

In homeopathy we think what is unique about this pesron. In what way his fear of spiders (for exmple) manifest, what is special about him and about his personality. One person can be very aggressive near the spider he fears, and the other can feel he  is shrinking or cannot move, paralized. theses 2 people with get a different homeopatic remdy for the fear of spiders they bouth have. When choosing a homeopatic remedy we take into consideration also the general nature of the person, what he likes to eat and other many issues

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Examples: 3 Homeopatic remedies for fear


This person has a lot of fears, of spiders, of dogs, of sudden noise and more. Its difficult for him to wake up in the morning. His best time is at night. He is looking for exitements but avoids new projects


This person is very scared of dogs, especially big black ones. He feels the worls as intimidating. Living is like walking in a scary forest. They have nightmares. When they have fever their eyes are bright, their face are red, and they have fearful imaginations


Fear of new situations, of starting something new. He needs help with his new ideas. He needs guidens, may be a teacher, a guru. He is also scared of new people

These are only 3 exmaples out of hundreds that can help with fear

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